Geocaching is a fun, free activity which thrives from the passion and responsibility of it’s participants. A geocaching adventure can take place in almost any type of location, from isolated bushwalking trails to dense city blocks, and everything in between.

Because Geocaching is a community-driven activity using a public space, it is very much up to participants to keep the game functioning in a fair and safe way. Here are some guidelines on how to go about your geocaching in a fun and responsible manner:

  • Respect the area around the cache – be careful to avoid damage to plants, wildlife and property. Avoid stepping into gardens or on unstable surfaces.
  • The caches listed on this site are placed in areas with great historical significance. Please treat all statues, monuments and memorials with respect.
  • Follow all laws and regulations. Never enter private property without permission.
  • Write an entry in the logbook at the cache.
  • Cache items are there for fun and for trade. Try to leave something of equal value to what you take for yourself.
  • Respect other visitors around the area.

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