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The Torrens Parade Grounds and Training Depot has a rich history, at different points acting as a stone quarry, rubbish dump and military headquarters.

The Torrens Parade Ground is a well-known location in Adelaide, though few are so familiar with the inside of the Torrens Training Depot standing on its eastern edge.

This area behind Government House was used as a stone quarry from the 1840s, but from 1893 the site was filled and landscaped.  Palm trees were planted and the first parade ground created. During both world wars the Parade Ground served as a mustering point and enlistment centre.  The distinctive white building, known simply as the Torrens Training Depot, was built in 1936 and has housed various units, including the 10th, 27th, and 43rd/48th Battalions, as well as the University Regiment. In 2001 it was returned to the State Government and restored for use by various service groups, the Returned Service Men’s League (RSL) and for the headquarters of History SA.

Note: This isn't the location of the cache, just the location of the historic site.

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Military Parade Grounds viewed from the railway, c. 1910

History SA. South Australian Government Photographic Collection, GN03223

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