Old Man River

The River Torrens was named by Colonel William Light in 1836 in honour of Sir Robert Torrens, the chairman of the South Australian Colonisation Commission.

The River Torrens drains an area of about 500 square km before flowing down to the Adelaide Plains. The city of Adelaide’s location was chosen in part for its access to this watercourse. Changes made by people since European occupation of the area have significantly altered the river flow downstream, creating the lake at Elder Park, and preventing flood in various areas.

In Birdwood the River Torrens flows past the National Motor Museum. The grounds of the Museum provide a picturesque setting for special events such as the Rock & Roll Rendezvous and the finish of the iconic Bay to Birdwood – the largest car run of its kind in the world.

Note: This isn't the location of the cache, just the location of the historic site.

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